Premium Sliding Door Hardware: Ways It Adds to Your Home & Design

Choosing the right hardware for your barn door is a big decision. Modern or traditional Flat Track? It can be hard to make a decision. We wanted to give you a list of our favorite styles and qualities so that you can make your own choice. We have a preferred sliding hardware store:

– Modern Hardware: Modern barn door hardware often comes in white and black colors, which are perfect if you`re looking for something sleek and stylish. With other manufacturers, you`ll even find different colors that pop out. There are also modern handles with rounded edges that complement modern designs.

– Flat Track Sliding Door Hardware: If you like rustic looks, then Leatherneck and Agave provide the solutions for you! There are flat black finishes for these vintage styles.

– Stainless Steel Barn Door Hardware: Stainless steel is a popular choice because it withstands the test of time. Whether they are minimalistic or more ornate and decorative, you can pick nearly any style you wish.

What else goes into the best barn door hardware?

Don`t get overwhelmed by the variety of choices that many companies offer. If you`re after a long-lasting barn door hardware kit, there are a few companies that make them. Find what works for your home by taking your time.

You want to not worry about repairs to a barn door kit later on. Do you really want to fix something that breaks prematurely? You`ll regret it.

By paying more to start, you`ll save more long-term. The right kit will age well in your space like fine wine.

For modern tastes, stainless steel is one of the best options: unlike other metals, it doesn`t rust. Also unlike other metals, stainless steel doesn`t absorb materials in the environment, and that`s why it`s healthier for you. For example: the hardware at more @

Who manufactures barn door hardware?

The top-quality classic barn door hardware is produced by Leatherneck. For the original 20th century farmhouse style with smooth, quiet operation, they`re your go-to. Agave emphasizes the rustic aspect of flat track hardware, but they`re no less in quality.

You cannot go wrong with a steel track for modern looks. The best examples of this style are door hardware from Emtek and KrownLab. Quality that will last years into the future is what these companies make. Ask your barn door hardware retailer for your preferred finish: a silver finish for a shiny look, or brushed stainless steel if you`re looking for something less flashy but still sleek and clean-looking.

All of the above listed companies are North American manufacturers who take provide in the quality of craftsmanship. They know the ins and outs of crafting a hardware that will function quietly and smoothly for a long time and retain their lustre for life.

How do I design my space around my barn door hardware?

Maybe you`re not sure about what to do. However, you can find a company that offers free design consultations, so you can get all your questions answered by one of their dedicated hardware specialists. You`ll be thankful that your choice supports a small business.

It is possible that you are thinking about what to put on the other side of the door. That`s up to you! You could choose a wall section with an opening or a built-in storage unit for extra organization in any room that needs it most. Or maybe you want to make the other side of your barn door a window-less room that`s reserved for entertaining guests. Interior design specialists will help you figure out how it can best work in your space`s design plan when you buy quality hardware from a great retailer. You can actually find this retailer at visit Specialty Doors